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mnemosline® mnemosline® is the fruit of 50 years of work by a team of an outstanding Italian neurologist, surgeon Professor Francesco Ferro Milone and Professor Adolfo Porro Chief Specialist in Geriatrics of the State Hospital in Vicenza, Professor Franco Binda Specialist in Geriatrics and Tullio Minelli, Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Padua. Many years of research were conducted, among others, by at the State Alzheimer's Institute in Vicenza with people suffering from Alzheimer's, depression and other neurodegenerative problems. This device has been designed mainly for problems related to memory loss in people over 60 years of age. In younger people, in addition to influencing memory, the device affects well-being and correct daily cycle.


From the mnemosline® EEG helmet to the mnemosline® 2020 
The first patented medical device mnemosline® consisted of a special EEG mnemosline® helmet and an individually programmable ISL light device. It was a system intended for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. A neurologist was needed whose presence was essential when using the mnemosline® EEG helmet device. The doctor with the help of software performed a personalized calibration of the mnemosline® medical device, which allowed it to be used by only one person. This method turned out to be particularly functional, but in order to have a product that is easier to use and cheaper in the calibration phase (taking into account the EEG costs and the cost of the doctor's work) and accessible to a larger number of people, the patented electronic device mnemosline® 2020 was developed.

The first mnemosline with an EEG was operated by a neurologist. With the help of software, he performed a personalized calibration of the mnemosline medical device, which was allowed to be used by only one person.

mnemosline® 2020 device includes a microcomputer with software for immediate use. Unique ISL light stimulation therapy available and recommended for 99% of the population.


What's more, it has been improved thanks to special new generation LEDs, which, in combination with an ultra-efficient lithium battery, allow it to be used in many therapies. Moreover, it has been adapted to the latest European standards. Thanks to Telea Medical, which, through its twenty years of experience in the field of biomedical devices, and the inventor of Quantum Molecular Resonance QMR, it was possible to produce a technologically innovative, effective and easy-to-use product.

mnemosline® is a device of the highest Italian quality, meeting the need for brain rehabilitation in the digital age, the growing number of people suffering from depression, permanent stress or neurodegenerative diseases. It is a response to the development of the ability to learn in an endless cycle. mnemosline® proves that we have a chance to positively influence our brain. By stimulating brain waves with ISL light, we can act on memory, alleviate unfavorable mental states and optimize our achievements and life goals.

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